Water Testing Equipments

COD Analyzer

Approx Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Number 
Product Details:
  • Temperature of Reaction: 105 Deg C or 150 Deg C (221 Deg F or 302 Deg F)
  • Temperature Stability: +-0.5 Deg C
  • Temperature Range: -10 Deg C to 160 Deg C
  • Temperature Accuracy: +-2 Deg C (@ 25 Deg C)
  • Capacity: 25 vials (dia 16 x 100 mm), 1 receptacle for a stainless steel reference thermometer
  • Warm Up Time: 10 to 15 minutes, depending on selected temperature
  • Operating Mode: Timed (0 to 180 minutes) or infinity mode
  • Environment: 5 to 50 Deg C (41 to 122 Deg F)

COD Analyzer measure Chemical Oxygen Demand for waste water applications with the involved measuring principle based on UV light absorption through unsaturated organic molecules at 254nm. Here, the generated COD of the effluent is critical in respect to environmental requirements in many chemical and food based industries. The COD analyzers offered comes with latest technology support as well as delivering fast and reliable on-line measuring that is required for effectively monitoring COD level in waste water. Some of the standard feature of these analyzers includes measuring method based upon JIS K0806 "chemical oxygen demand (COD)” automatic measuring instrument, allowing reagent consumption to be saved to the limit and controlling temperature of reaction solution through oil bath temperature control that ensures temperature is almost not affected by operation temperature.

Conductivity Meter

Approx Price: Rs 22,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • TDS Ratio Factor: 0.4 to 1.0 conveniently calculates the TDS value
  • Usage: Laboratory

Conductivity Meter solutions offered by us are perfect for use in areas like water conditioning, agricultural industry, beverage, laboratories, quality control, universities as well as in other domestic and commercial uses. These meters also come with features of automatic temperature compensation, rugged and splash proof carrying case and fixed 2 % / °C temperature coefficient that make these instruments deliver best usage. Further, these units also come with auto power off function that saves power of instrument for a longer time. Some standard features include 4 Conductivity Standards, Minimum, maximum, and hold functions, Probe with Cable, and Economically Priced. Some areas of applications include for analyzing quality of drinking water, in waste water treatment plants, for pollution control in lakes and rivers.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Complete Kit with Rugged Carrying Case
  • 4 Conductivity Standards
  • Minimum, maximum, and hold functions
  • Auto power off
  • Probe with Cable
  • Economically Priced
  • Accessories and Spare Parts in Stock
  • Measures Conductivity, TDS and Temperature
  • Simultaneous display of Conductivity or TDS, plus Temperature
  • Two ranges for Conductivity and TDS with one point calibration per range IP65

  • To analyse the quality of drinking water
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Pollution control in lakes and rivers
  • Boiler feed water analysis for all industries

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Approx Price: Rs 10,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Temperature Range: 32 to 122 Deg F (0 to 50 Deg C)
  • Weight: 3.8oz (110g)
  • Max Resolution Temperature: 0.1 Deg F/ Deg C
  • Basic Accuracy Temperature: +/-1.8 Deg F (1 Deg C)
  • Dimensions: 1.4x6.9x1.6" (36x176x41mm)

Dissolved Oxygen Meters offered comprise most demanded water testing instrument that are useful instrument for determining oxygen levels in swimming pool, spa as well as water from other places. With the dissolved oxygen analysis performed measure amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) that is dissolved in aqueous solution, the most common application where the process and system is used in include to measure exhaust gas concentration of oxygen for internal combustion engines in automobiles. The sensor functions as not measuring oxygen concentration but the difference between amount of oxygen present in exhaust gas and amount of oxygen as present in air. Some common applications these are used in include in carrying out soil respiration studies where these oxygen sensors are used in conjunction with carbon dioxide sensors for improving characterization of soil respiration.

  • Easy to Calibrate
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Microprocessor Based for fast and accurate readings
  • Large LCD display
  • Low-battery and consumption indicator
  • Auto shut off function if not in use


DO (saturation mode)

0 to 200.0%


±2% FS

DO (concentration mode)

0 to 20.00ppm (mg/L)

0.01ppm (mg/L)

0.4ppm (mg/L)

pH Meter

Approx Price: Rs 12,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Range: 0.0-14.00 or better
  • Resolution: (9pH): 0.01 pH or better
  • Resolution Temperature: 0.1 Deg C
  • pH Accuracy: +/-0.01 pH or better
  • pH Range: 0-100 Deg C or better
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Ph Electrode: Glass Body
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.4 Deg C or better

pH Meter solutions offer a measure of how acidic water content is. The electrode is part which senses pH in solution or in other way. The A pH meter functions as a precise voltmeter measuring potential difference in thousandths of volt (mV), between reference electrode and measuring pH electrode. It's scaled in a way which does not display the measured potential but in turn converts it to display of pH. The PHS series offered are economical microprocessor based pH/mV meter that are ideal for routine use in laboratories, production plants and schools. Functioning as microprocessor based hand held pH meters, these are also easy to carry as well as use in field and laboratories. These systems are also water proof, sturdy & accurate, thus making these ideal choices for indoor and outdoor use in industrial and laboratory applications.

Key Features:
  • Waterproof Pocket pH Tester
  • Microprocessor-based functions
  • Two points’ push-button calibration
  • Auto-power off after 8 minutesr
  • Hold function
  • Replaceable electrode
  • The meter will float into the water

Technical Specifications:
  • pH Calibration: Automatic, with automatically recognized buffers
  • Temperature compensation: Automatic
  • Provided with Temp probe and AC Adaptor

Water Testing Equipments

Approx Price: Rs 5,400 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • pH Range: 0.0~14.0 pH
  • pH Resolution: 0.01
  • pH Accuracy: +-0.2
  • Temperature Range: 0~60 Deg C
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.5
  • Temperature Accuracy: +-1 Deg C

Water Testing Equipment solutions offered are designed to provide testing and analysis of industrial water and also of the water used in process industries. Here, the equipment offered comprises analysis equipment, chemical reagents for accurately testing quality of water, quality field testing kits and other aqueous solutions. Further, these water testing kits comes precision engineered so as to deliver reliable and accurate usage value that is cost effective in usage too. The range offered include BOD Analyzer, COD Analyzer, Conductivity Meter, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Ion Concentration Meters, Multi Function Reactor, PH Meter, TOC Analyzer, Water Analyzer, Water Hardness Test Meter and Water Toxicity Analyzer.

Distillation Unit

Approx Price: Rs 8,500 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Power Consumption: 220/230V AC +- 10%
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous Check water Level at regular interval
  • Output: 2lt/3 lit/5tr/10 ltr/hr
  • Voltage: 220 volts, 50 cycles AC supply
  • Material: All Stainless Steel 304 grade

Distillation Unit offered by us is a process where mixture is separated based on differences in volatilities of components in a boiling liquid. As a process, it works little like still where instead of removing contaminants from water, distiller reverses equation and removes water from contaminants. The unit is used for separating crude oil into different fractions so as to meet the needs of specific end uses like in power generation, transport and heating areas. Further, the unit can also be used for distilling water to remove impurities like salt from seawater. Other than this, air can also be distilled for separating its components—oxygen, nitrogen, and argon for specific industrial applications.

  • Longer service life
  • Better production output
  • Compact design and less maintenance
  • Cost effective and easy to operate

Distillation Unit Automatic (wall mounting) electrically operated:
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Vapor Baffle, Condensing Tube and Lid are of Stainless Steel
  • Still is fitted with Immersion type elements
  • Stopcock fitted to unit
  • Still provided with Wall mounting Iron Bracket to be fixed on wall the still can rest
  • Supplied with 3 Core Wire and plug to Work on 220 volts A.C supply (without Rubber Tubing)

Double Walled:
  • Inner & outer body and boiling condenser made of stainless steel
  • Method of producing & storing distilled water designed especially for meeting needs of modern Hospital and Laboratory research'
  • Works on 220 Volts A.C supply with 3 core wire and plug (without rubber tubing)

Optional Accessories:
  • Spare Element for above Distillation Apparatus: 2 K.W
  • Low Water cut-off Device - for 2litre and 4 liter cap
  • Low Water cut-off Device - for 6litre and 8 liter cap
  • Low Water cut-off Device - for 10 liter and 20 liter cap

Glass Distillation Apparatus Complete with Iron Stand:
  • These water distillers produce highly treated & disinfected water for laboratory usage
  • The distillation process helps in removing minerals & microbiological contaminants and can also reduce levels of chemical contaminants
  • Water distillers are not intended for treating water that is visually contaminated nor intended to convert waste water to safe water in microbiologically terms

  • Distillation apparatus comprises flask with heating elements that come embedded in glass & fused in spiral type coil that lies internally of bottom and is tapered round glass
  • Its joints at top double walled condenser with B-40/B-50 ground glass joints
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