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Vertical Autoclave

Approx Price: Rs 16,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Pressure Range: 5 to 20PSI +/- 3PSI
  • Power Consumption: 220 /230 V AC +/-10%
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Timer: 0-60minute
  • Control Panel: Temp. / Pressure Indicator, Pressure Switch,
  • Temperature Range: 120 Deg C approx. at 15 20PSI approx.

Vertical Autoclave solutions offered are designed for meeting the process application demands of Bacteriological & Research laboratories, Medical, Clinical & Pharmaceutical units, Fertilizer Plants, Breweries, Soft drink manufacturing and other establishments. These are ideal for critical applications that require assured as well as reliable total destruction of all living micro- organisms. For delivering consistent performance, these come in superior construction standards including inner chamber made of stainless steel and outer body made of mild steel that comes in painted finish for achieving rust free performance. Further, the lid comes fitted with Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Manual Exhaust Valve, and Water Level Indicators so as to achieve consistent and smooth performance. With operating range of pressure from 15psi to 20psi, some applications of these vertical autoclaves include in Dispensaries, Hospitals, Pathology laboratory and other areas.

  • For use in Hospitals, Dispensaries, Pathology laboratory.
  • Autoclave Vertical are most ideal for critical applications requiring assured and reliable total destruction of all living micro- organisms.
  • Autoclave Vertical is ideal tool for Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, R&D labs etc.

Cement Autoclave

Approx Price: Rs 55,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Usage: Conducting accelerated soundness test on cement.
  • Tested On: Up to 2.5 times the normal working pressure
  • Durable: Yes

Cement Autoclave are perfect cement testing equipment that is made available in the market today. These industrial cement autoclaves are also safe to use and feature durable construction standards that aid them in delivering long lasting and durable functioning in defined usage area. The offered equipment support that is part of this cement autoclave unit is also tested up to 2.5times the normal working pressure so as to ensure trouble free and consistent performance. Some of the standard features these are made available in include equipped with wing nut locking system, high grade spring loaded safety valve of brass, fast, reliable and accurate results, equipped with steam stock provision, energy efficient functioning, available in customized working specifications and perfect for use in conducting accelerated soundness test on cement.

  • Equipped with wing nut locking system.
  • High grade spring loaded safety valve of brass.
  • Fast and reliable accurate results.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Equipped with steam stock provision.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Customized Cement Autoclave Models also available.

Portable Autoclave

Approx Price: Rs 6,000 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Chamber Volume (Litre): 10-15 Litre
  • Shape: Vertical

Portable Autoclaves are competent portable autoclaves that are made available in forms like medical autoclave, custom portable autoclave and steam autoclave sterilizers. As reliable and convenient methods for steam & sterilization of medical equipment, these autoclave sterilizers make use of vaporized water/steam to sterilize and are also called medical autoclave units. These portable autoclaves (Pressure Cooker Type) are highly suitable for conducting laboratory research as well as in testing applications and come with simple design that provides easier & safe operations anywhere that has appropriate power supply. These units are also completely self-contained and do not need plumbing. Some of the applications these are used in include for doctors, laboratories, nursing homes, dentists and for general laboratory requirement where samples in small batches need to be sterilized. Applications: Our portable Autoclaves are most ideal for doctors, nursing homes, laboratories, dentists etc. Portable Autoclave is most ideal for general laboratory requirement where samples in small batches are required to be sterilized. Benefits and advantages: Hydraulically tested upto 40 psi for user safety. Spring loaded safety valve for pressure adjustment and a dead weight valve works as a safety device. Economy at your fingertips with low power consumptions. A seamless (joint less) body for single walled units provides a sturdy and safe operation for the user. Low sterilization process time accounts for higher number of batches accounting for economy and faster results.

Biomedical Waste Sterilizer

Approx Price: Rs 24,000 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Operated: Hydraulically & PLC
  • Usage: Biomedical
  • Body Material: Stainless Steel

Biomedical Waste Sterilizer helps in sterilizing biomedical waste comprising liquids, solids, sharps and laboratory fritter away which have high possibility of being infectious or unsafe and fall under bio waste category. This needs to be suitably managed so as to ensure general health of the public as well as safety to the healthcare and sanitation workers who handle this biomedical waste in facilities like hospitals. Some standard features of these biomedical sterilizers include hydraulically operated & PLC controlled operations, highly sophisticated shredder with hydraulic top pressing arm & front lid, entire operation hydraulic based, system entirely enclosed with no chance of aerosol escape and automatic turn around rotation under-load. The other features include network size variable for shredding small/big bio-medical waste and low power consumption.

  • Highly sophisticated Shredder with Hydraulic top pressing arm & front lid.
  • Operation is hydraulic.
  • Entirely enclosed with no chance of aerosol.
  • Automatic turn around rotation under-load.
  • Elective Hydraulic Motor drive for larger size Shredders.
  • Hydraulic Motor make sure high torque compared to electric drive.
  • Network size variable to shred small or big Bio-Medical waste.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Also obtainable without Hydraulic Ram/System.
  • Completely Automatic.

Table Top Front Loading Steam Sterilizer

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Pressure Range: 5 to 20PSI +- 3PSI
  • Power Consumption: 220 /230 V AC +- 10%
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Control Panel: Temp. / Pressure Indicator, Pressure Switch,
  • Optional: Timer 0-60 minute
  • Temperature Range: 120 Deg C approx. at 15 20PSI approx

Table Top Front Loading Steam Sterilizer is meant for effectively managing day to day sterilization processes in areas like Hospitals, Clinics, O.T.s and Labs. Being of front loading type, these are also automatic and convenient to operate where after placing instruments in sterilizer one just requires to set timer according to sterilizing goods and switch ON and after that equipment takes control of the rest. Some of the standard features of the system include table top front loading autoclave, fully automatic micro-processor based control, sterilization chamber made of thick stainless steel sheet that comes tested for high pressure, digital timer both for wet and dry cycle and auto drain provision of water to reservoir tank & also for condensation.

  • Table top front loading autoclave.
  • Fully automatic micro-processor based control.
  • Sterilization chamber made up of thick stainless steel sheet, tested for high pressure.
  • Digital timer both for wet & dry cycle.
  • Auto drain of water to reservoir tank & also condensation.
  • Alarm after the total command is completed.
  • Cycle time 10-15 mins.

Horizontal High Pressure Cylindrical Sterilizer

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Pressure: High Pressure
  • Chamber Volume (Litre): 10-15 Litre
  • Insulation Wall: Double Wall

Horizontal High Pressure Cylindrical Sterilizer offered are Steam Sterilizers that are made available in robust construction and come designed for effectively handling all type of bulk sterilization requirements. Being commonly used in areas like Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Medical, it comes with triple walled finish with steam jacket and separate boiler options. Further, the sterilizer comes with single place door whose inside and outside are made of stainless steel. Also coming with dial type thermometer, some of the features include steady performance, noise free performance and easy to operate & maintain. For smooth and consistent performance, all units hydraulically tested up to 40 psi with space between outer chamber and steam jacket fitted with asbestos sheet or glass wool for minimizing thermal loss.

  • Steady performance.
  • Noise free performance.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Wide application.
  • Cost efficient.
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