Electronic Testing Equipment

Pink Noise Generator

Approx Price: Rs 75,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Freaquency: 10 Hz - 20 Hz
  • Condition: New
  • Power: 25 - 200 Volts

  • The MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analog audio generator to satisfy every need for the professional engineer. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into the internal flash memory.
  • Innovative and unique technology includes continuous monitoring of the impedance of the connected load, the signal balance and the phantom power. Plus the integrated cable testing promotes MR-PRO to the level of a cable analyzer, simplifying trouble shooting tasks. MR-PRO includes all functions of the Minirator MR2.
  • The Minirator MR-PRO is a powerful analog audio generator for the professional engineer, providing a wide range of test signals. Further, a set of wav-files, useful for system optimization, is stored in the internal flash memory. You may add your own personal favorites to this set.
  • The signal balance, phantom power and impedance of the connected load is monitored. Together with the integrated XLR cable tester, this simplifies troubleshooting.
  • Pink or white noise is synthesized with high spectral density, normal amplitude distribution and with infinite cycle duration. The Minirator also generates gated pink noise (on/off cycle 1 - 9 seconds) for convenient RT60 measurements with the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer or Acoustilyzer AL1 is included.

What are the features of pink noise Generator:
  • Sine Test Signals
  • Frequency Sweeps, Chirps
  • Pink Noise, White Noise
  • Polarity & Delay Signal
  • User Wav-file Playback with MR-PRO
  • Measurement Functions with MR-PRO

Pendulum Impact Testers

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Unit 
Product Details:
  • Angle of Release of Pendulum: 60 Deg Adjustable
  • Mass of Pendulum at Center of Hammer: 6.80 +/- 0.05 kg
  • Distance of Center of Hammer From Pivot Axis: 1,000 +/- 5 mm
  • Hammer Diameter: 165 +/- 1 mm
  • Hammer Thickness: 5 mm

Pendulum Impact Testers are basically testing devices which are extensively used in laboratories and test shops for inspection of material and production quality. These are also used for determining impact force curve, impact strength of materials, material’s resistance to impact load and impact energy absorbed by the sample as per the ISO, ASTM, EN and DIN standards. Furthermore, these pendulum impact testers are widely found applications in construction, machinery and automotive industries and also in research and development.

  • Safety guard for operator
  • Compact and sophisticated design
  • Large dial and digital display

Related Specifications:
  • IS 14210 - 1994: Automobile Vehicles - Rear View Mirrors
  • JIS D 5705: Mirrors for Automobiles
  • InterEurope ECE Regulation No. 0.08.39: Rear View Mirrors Clause 8.2: Impact Test
  • Rubber Lining: 50 +/- 5 Shore A hardness

High Voltage Test Apparatus

Approx Price: Rs 70,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Input Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: Single phase
  • Output Voltage: 0 - 10 kV
  • Tripping Current: Can be set from 3 to 30 mA

High Voltage Test Apparatus apparatus is developed and designed using sharp edge technology to provide high voltage supply of alternate current. The current produced in provided by the mean of isolated secondary winding of a transformer. It is calibrated with a voltmeter to provide high voltage at no load. This high voltage test apparatus has a tripping system which helps in automatically tripping off the current, when it exceeds the set value. This tripping current can be set within the range of equipment. This whole apparatus is made by using excellent quality mild steel and integrated with a digital voltmeter and mili-ammeter to measure the applied voltage and tripping current.

Features and Benefits:
  • Compact, rugged insulation resistance tester
  • Easy operation and voltage range selection
  • AC and DC voltmeter (25 V - 600 V)
  • User settable IR test timer (default 1 min), (max. 19 m 50 s)
  • Soft carry case for instrument and leads
  • Quick start and full user guide
  • Locking HV insulated plugs for additional safety
  • Shutters across terminals prevent accidental ingress of dirt and other objects

Related Specifications:
  • IS 2584 - 1963: Specification for Electric Strength of Solid Insulating Materials at Power Frequencies

Electronic Testing Equipments

Product Details:
  • Usage: Various parameters like endurance, quality and speed
  • Type of Testing Machines: Compression Testing Machine
  • Grade: Manual

Electronic Testing Equipments are extensively used in different industries and known for their hassle free performance, noise less operation and easy functioning. These are checked for quality under various set norms of the industry.
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