Construction Material Testing Equipments

Construction Material Testing Equipments

Approx Price: Rs 1.5 Lakh / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Usage: Construction
  • Material: Metal
  • Surface Finish: Polished

Construction Material Testing Equipments are specially designed heavy equipment that find application in areas of engineering and construction areas. With the range made available in both standard as well as customized finish specifications, these are known for providing increased performance as well as deliver improved wear performance in un-lubricated conditions. Having lower in-use noise level versus metals, the extensive technical know-how and support through in house design and engineering capabilities allows offering of equipment that deliver improved performance as well as require reduced maintenance. The range offered includes Aggregate Testing Instruments, Bar Bending and Bar Cutting, Cement Concrete Testing Instruments and Soil Testing Instruments.

  • Control of the concrete uniformity in each part of the structure
  • Evaluation of how the concrete properties change in time
  • Evaluation of the concrete mechanical properties through the use of the correlation curves
  • In test, verification of the concrete properties during construction

Cement Concrete Testing Instruments

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Piece 
Product Details:
  • Max Measurement Depth: 150 mm
  • Detection Depth: Steel, max.: 150 mm
  • Accuracy: +/-5 mm

We offer customers a wide range of precision engineered and optimum functioning Cement Concrete Testing Instruments.

The available variety as per the different end usage specifications include:
  • VICAT Needle Apparatus EI01: For determining normal consistency and setting times of cement & 'A' class limes
  • Flow Table: EI02 For determining workability of building limes
  • LE Chatelier Mould – EI03 For determining soundness by expansion method of ordinary & rapid hardening
  • LE Chatelier Water Bath: EI04 Double walled finish with stainless steel inner chamber and outer chamber in mild steel
  • LE Chatelier Flask : EI05 Used for finding specific gravity of hydraulic cement
  • Flexure Testing Machine (Motorized) – EI06 Used for testing 40mm x 40mm x 160mm mortar specimen for flexural strength
  • Mortor Mixer : EI07 Used for mixing cement pastes, mortars and pozzolana
  • Gauging Trowel: EI09 Weight approximately 210 gms
  • Vibrating Machine: EI08
  • Used for preparing mortar cubes for determination of compression strength of –EI09 Ordinary & rapid hardened Portland cement
  • Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus (Six Cell Model) : EI10 For water proofing of concrete admixture and special water proof cements are used
  • VEE BEE Consistometer : EI11 Used for workability & consistency of fresh concrete
  • Slump Test Apparatus: EI12 It is used for determination of consistency of freshly mixed concrete
  • Compaction Factor Apparatus: EI13 It determines workability of fresh concrete, provided maximum aggregate size does not exceed 38mm
  • KELLEY Ball Penetration apparatus: EI14 Apparatus used to determine workability of Portland cement & Concrete
  • Cone Penetrometer for Mortar: EI15 For determining consistency of masonry mortar
  • Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorized): EI16 Electrically operated concrete mixer laboratory type
  • Cube Mould: EI17 Available in different sizes and made as per Indian and British standards
  • Cylindrical Mould: EI18 For testing concrete cylinders for compressive strength tests
  • Beam Mould: EI19 For casting, concrete specimen for flexure tests
  • Curing Tank: EI20 Tank designed to accommodate 150mm/70.6mm cube moulds up to 36/72 cube mould
  • Vibrating Table: EI21 Designed to carry load of 140 kg
  • Density of Fresh and Hardened Concrete - EI 22 Hardened concrete density determined by simple dimensional checks
  • Permeability Apparatus (Single Cell Model) – One of durability test of concrete is for determining permeability of water through specimen
  • Air Entrainment Meter: EI 25 As entrainment of air in limited, high percentage improves durability of concrete and very low percentages deteriorate it

  • Ultra wideband radar sensor system for millimetre-accurate detection of ferrous/non-ferrous metals, live cables, wooden beams and plastic pipes such as floor and wall heating pipes
  • Precise detection of reinforcing steel in concrete up to 15 cm dee
  • Digital display of material properties and maximum permitted drilling dept
  • Detectable materials: Plastic pipes, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wooden substructures, live cables
  • Automatic deactivation facility, approx.: 5 min

    Soil Testing Instruments

    Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Piece 
    Product Details:
    • Usage: Soil Testing
    • Power Source: Electric
    • Capacity: 100 ton (1000 KN)

    Soil Testing Instruments offered are made available in different specifications for meeting different soil testing requirements.

    These include:

    • Plastic Limit Test: EI 47 Moisture content where soil has smallest plasticity is called limit
    • Shrinkage Limit Set: EI 48 Shrinkage limit is maximum water content where a reduction in water content does not cause appreciable reduction in volume of Soil Mass
    • Linear Shrinkage Mould: EI 49 Simple mould that is filled with soil under test
    • Soil Cone Penetrometer: EI 50 For determining liquid limit of soils
    • Liquid Limit Device: EI 51 Casagrande method in mechanical form is known as liquid limit method and is in use for soil mechanics for number of decades
    • High Speed Stirrer: EI 53 This is for mechanical analysis
    • Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method): EI 54 It is for determination of sub sieve particle distribution in soil sample by mechanical analysis
    • Soil Hydrometer EI56 Used for grain size analysis of soils where more than 10% of material passes through 75 microns B.S. sieve
    • Sand Equivalent Test Set EI 57 Used for determining relevant proportions of clay-like or plastic fines and dust in granular soils
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